Tips from the Top - June 2017


Fishing for the Right Candidate

“Why don’t they ever stay”, “I’m spending too much on recruitment”, “Well they were the best on offer”, are some of the phrases often muttered by business owners today.

Recruitment is often referred to as a fishing exercise. You cast your line, see what you can hook and take what’s out there at that moment in time as the need to fill a gap is urgent.  Does that sound familiar?

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Your Guide to the Perfect Holiday & Business!

Our annual holidays are so important to us aren’t they? It is really worth investing the time into making sure that our two-week break is just what we want.

We do our research, consult, work out what we want to see and experience, we plan our spending, have a brilliant time and then share the experience with family and friends. So what are we doing? You guessed it, we are setting and implementing a strategy - a holiday strategy and millions of us do it year in, year out without a second thought. These processes can be as easily applied to our businesses as they can to our holidays and yet often we don’t.

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Ho to be a Good Boss

If you’ve ever read The Water Babies by Charles Kingsley you’ll no doubt remember Mrs Do-as-you-would-be-done-by (and probably Mrs Be-done-by-as-you-did – but that’s another subject!).

I’ve always believed Mrs D was on to something, and I’ve always tried to stick to that principle – on the basis that ‘being a good boss’ relies on creating a relationship based on trust and confidence that means people will always do their very best to deliver what you need them to deliver.

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Quick Tips

Make Sure Your Website Domain is Yours

Make sure your website domain name is registered in your name and not in someone else's name, such as your IT service provider, internal IT person or web host. If someone leaves your employment or goes out of business, you could find it difficult to gain back control of it.

By : Steve Gilbertson, Electramatic

Let’s Talk Values

Within organisations we talk about values, culture, alignment and more. Whatever terms you use, it is imperative that you and the rest of your organisation are aligned.

For example, as an individual what do you value more—sales or delivery? What does your organisation value more—sales or delivery? If your top priority is sales and the rest of your organisation prioritizes delivery, you will likely have conflicts. An organisation is driven by its top priority.

This doesn’t mean you can’t be great at more than one thing. It means you need to figure out what is your driving force—sales or delivery? The conflicts from differences in priorities will lead to unnecessary stress, too many meetings, customer experience issues and, ultimately, it will negatively hit your bottom line. So ask yourself the question—are you and your team aligned?

By : Melodie Reagan, Crazy Good Marketing

Remote Employees

Some businesses assume that employees are only working when they are physically present. Keep that in mind when you consider recruiting remote employees; the fact that you can’t see them does not imply that they are not working for you!

By : David Hirsch, Charles Leonard
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