Tips from the Top - October 2017


Sharing Your 'Big Plan'

Many businesses at this time of the year will be starting to think about what their goals are for 2018 and creating their Business Plan to identify the critical success factors, metrics and strategies that will make that happen.

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Do you truly know what your business is about?

All too often, the soul of a business is lost as services and products evolve, market pressures shift and profit sources adapt, leading to the original inspiration getting lost in the daily noise. Time and again businesses fail due to a lack of understanding of the core questions: Why are we here? What are we trying to achieve? How do we want the future to look?

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Quick Tips

Stay Out of the Way of Your Team

Too often we as business owners recruit someone to do a job and then micro-manage them. Make sure you have a clear job description, communicate your expectations and determine how you will measure their performance. Schedule 1 to 1 meetings at least monthly to review their performance - looking to catch them doing something right. This is an opportunity to see if additional training, tools or communication is required.

By : TAB Board Member

Manage Your Inbox

Clean out and file all emails in your Inbox.  Inbox is only for action items.  Create a 'to file' folder.

By : Alyssa Forslund, Marks Paneth
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