Tips from the Top - January 2017


Sales Excuses or Sales Success?

Many private business owners tell me they struggle with sales. Most report little predictability, visibility or scalability in their sales effort. A large percentage of seemingly successful entrepreneurs have a tough time maintaining any level of consistency in growing sales revenue and profit.

When I ask owners for reasons their sales are lacking, I often hear the same things over and over again. This destructive self-talk hurts much more than it helps. Following is a list of popular excuses I hear many times each month. If you find yourself saying any of these things, I’ve offered actions you can take today to make things much better…

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Support Your Sales Through Knowledge

As a manufacturers’ representation firm in the HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) world, I have found that every good sales person needs knowledge in three overall areas. It’s what I like to call the Three-Legged Stool.

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Quick Tips

Prioritise the Personal

If you eliminate personal pursuits, trips or family time because you are so busy, you will never make time for the important things.

By : Leyla Pinarli, ClaimFox

You Can Go. Really

There are graveyards full of people who thought they were indispensable.

When you are going to be gone from your role or company, prioritise what absolutely has to be done by considering timing and risk. Document how those tasks are to be accomplished. Ensure the people to whom you delegate can complete the task, and then set that one aside. Don’t procrastinate and don’t stress!

By : Karl Siebrecht, 35 Left Studios

Speak Expectation

Over the past two months, we have instituted weekly sales meetings for our company as a reaction to less-than-stellar performance. The results have been everything we had hoped for and more.

Letting the team know what we need to do has made a big difference in revenue and gross margins. Communication of expectations goes a long way to solving performance issues.

By : Andy Nelson, Nelson Lawn Service

All Eyes On You

Everyone is watching you to set the pace and the culture.

By : Laura Drury, TAB Facilitator

Steps Toward Health Coverage

Health schemes can pay for themselves in the arena of human resources. When you take care of your people, their productivity improvement will more likely offset the cost of any health scheme.

Consider the new trend on wearable fitness devices. Not only can you provide a useful gift to your staff, but you can also foster a sense of team by creating competition groups for gaining "steps." Additionally, by providing an incentive for better health, you can take strides to lowering your overall health coverage costs.

By : Kim Christie, TAB Facilitator
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