Tips from the Top - November 2016


Owners & Employees During a Business Sale

Why employees might not be as enthusiastic as you when you’re selling your business – and how to address it!!
This really is a situation where we need to go back to basics to deal with the problem – and it really can be a problem because you need your employees to continue to work at full strength dealing with customers, managing other employees and potentially interacting with your purchaser at this critical time.

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Christmas Party Best Practice

With staff parties on the horizon, your company cannot been seen as encouraging staff to drink excessively or drive after drinking…

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Market for the Troughs

At my board meeting this week, one of my member's issue related to dealing with the peaks and troughs in his business' activity. 

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Quick Tips

New System Set-Up

When implementing a new IT (Internet Technology) system, bring over only the customers, suppliers and SKUs with a current balance or activity in the last six to 12 months. With data scrubbing and set-up consuming so much time, don’t waste that time on old data that is likely not to be needed in the new system.

By : Joe Ragsdale, Cherokee Measurement & Control

Testing Your Teaching

When alerting your client base to new information in your industry that requires delivery through interactive means, your best bet is to perfect your presentation with a smaller, friendly client environment before taking it to a broader audience.

Testing your information will help hone your skills for a larger group presentation. It will also aid you in learning what questions and concerns your clients will have, allowing you to prepare and demonstrate confidence as well as expertise.

By : Chuck Merritt, Merritt Environmental Consulting Co


When you are overwhelmed, map out your day and see what tasks you can outsource. This is probably one of the best ways I use to save time.

By : Jerry Su, Teamson Design

New Voices on Staff

We have several entry-level employees. One thing we listen for is who complains to their new superiors about a procedure. Instead of taking umbrage at the source of the criticism, we know that the new employee cares about their job and would like to make it better. The silent ones who never give any feedback at all are more of a concern!

By : Rodney Fischer, MidTex Oil

Better a hole .....

Better a ‘hole’ than an ‘@rsehole’ –  ie better to lose a member of staff and be short than keep someone who is a pain or not doing their job!!

By : Dominic Mackenzie, Ison Harrison Solicitors
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